ETRM Consulting

Consulting bridges the gap.

Energy trading takes the already fast paced and high stakes world of trading, and adds in energy industry specifics. Then risk management is put into the mix and participants are left with a limited supply of qualified resources to choose from.

XCellat consultants not only understand this complex and ever changing environment, but also thrive in it from the moment we step into your offices.

Our engagement process follows from a thorough gap analysis, then an RFP to a selection of the best ETRM system based on your requirements and your budget.

Continues on to training, implementation, support and maintenance.  Including design and development of custom reports and interfaces to link to your existing systems.

Whether your trading is pure physical or physical and financial for hedging or speculation.  XCellat consultants understand the trading dynamics and the physical and energy financial detivatives like futures, options, and swaps to assist you define your trading strategy to implement in your ETRM system.

XCellat consultants are up for the challenge and ready to get running on your ETRM needs and projects.

Contact us to learn more about our practice in ETRM.